Friday, 27 January 2012

Check out this Fabric!

From the moment I saw this fabric I fell in love and just had to get it!

I arrived back from the sunshine city of Barcelona today and although I was extremely sad to leave the warm weather and come back to this boot and thick coat country, I did have a great time. I made some great purchases and saw some amazing things!

I had so much fun seeing all the new clothes and the new colours for the Spring and Summer collections and I cannot wait for the weather to change so I can wear them all.
I got another statement necklace (I really am obsessed!) which is so amazing! I got a great clutch from the new Mango store called TOUCH which specializes only in accessories. Some printed tights to add something extra to outfits and an amazing outfit from Zara, which includes this skirt from the new collection!

The colour is amazing and there are sooo many things this spring/summer that I madly want!
I cannot wait!

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