Saturday, 21 January 2012

Style Star - Blake Lively

Just been watching Style Star: Sarah Jessica Parker and Blake Lively and I had to blog about it as I am so obsessed with Blake's style! I often take inspiration from her looks and I am impressed to learn that she does it all without a stylist! We are so alike! My fav look from her Style Star episode was this Versace dress she wore to the Emmy's in 2009.

As you may know by now red is my new fav colour and the back of this dress is amazing. Her accessories are great and I love that she didn't wear a necklace and wore her hair tied back, it really leaves the dress as the focus point! I only wish I had somewhere to wear it to. Some of my fav Blake looks are these Marchesa dresses.
No one wears a Marchesa dress like Blake!

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