Thursday, 26 April 2012

Tom's Diner

Tonight I am heading out to Tom's Diner with a bunch of friends and I am really excited! The food there is so good, very authentic, totally not like a Diner at all so I don't really know why its called that. I shall ask!

I have decided, or more like my sister advised, to wear Bee tonight! (If you haven't met Bee yet you can meet her HERE!) It shall actually be the first time as the weather has been completely wintery since I bought her. Today I am even rocking grey skinnies, a grey blouse and black blazer with biker boots, totally wintery I know but it fits with the weather today.

I have decided to make Bee a little less summery by pairing it with these items.

Floral skirt, AKA Bee, Zara.

Open back grey shirt, ASOS.

Black suede boots, Mango.

Floral Chain, ASOS.


  1. The shirt from Asos is really original!!


  2. Yes that is the hotel arts but it is by the chain Ritz Carlton :) and i was there in Junea nd it rained! only one day though, and it didn't rain the entire day, you should be fine!

  3. Great stuff and great look! Have a great time!

  4. Hahahaha I must have missed the original post about Bee, I was so confused until I read it! Like, "Who's Bee...? And why are you wearing her!!!!" Anyway, it's a gorgeous skirt and you're sure to look stylish no matter what you pair it with. Have fun!

  5. perfects things dear!!hope you have fun!!

  6. That is a cute skirt! Hope it was a good time.

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