Friday, 6 April 2012

Totally Tee!

Sometimes I love to have a little rock chick day, and these tees are just perfect for that! I love to have a change from dressing up and I just throw on one of these great printed tees. Together with a fitted blazer or biker, skinny jeans and heels and I am ready to go!
I am in love with this Endless Summer tee I found at Mango. Here are some other tees I am loving right now.

LA tee, Mango.

Graphic Tee by Holly Fulton, TopShop.

Donatella tee by House of Jazz, TopShop. 

Stylist girl tee, Mango.

3D effect tee, Mango.

Section tee, New Look.

Blogger tee, Zara.

Watermelon tee, Zara.


  1. Love this shirts

  2. love the shirt!

  3. for me mango & new look- are the best! regards!

  4. I recently discovered how a printed tee can be an outfit-life-saver! They're perfect when you're in a hurry and have to get ready fast. I've got some from Zara that I really like!


  5. Great prints!


  6. these are pretty cool! i really love the watermelon from zara.

    xoxo, andie
    Fashionista's Pick

  7. Amazing t-shirts, I love the 1st one! <3

  8. Original shirts! I love it! looks so chic!

    xoxo from M├╝nchen
    La Vie Quotidienne


  9. Really like your blog!
    A wonderful post!

    Have you got an account in instagram?
    If yes, write me your name!

  10. I love wearing over-sized tee, especially on a hot day. Felt good isn't it ?

  11. Zara has the best stuff. I love that watermelon tee.

  12. I love these tees -- they are so perfect for summer. I actually just bought a new one today and can't wait to wear it!

  13. That endless summer tee is amazing! I'm loving your blog girl, I'm your newest follower! I hope you'll follow me back and we can keep in touch. I love discovering new blogs!

    Sarah xoxo

  14. my fave t-shirt here is the city being drunk with a straw. oh steph, i never meant to be horrid or offend anyone with my bunny post. my husband literally had so many bunnies, he simply had to give them away. i like animals. i'm a vegetarian. i just don't have pets because i don't want the responsibility. hope you have a great day! :)