Saturday, 5 May 2012

Ad Girl

I am completely advert obsessed!

I even pay more attention when the advert break comes on tv, when most people change channel, than I do during the actual show. I studied advertising at University and loved it. One of my favourite types of adverts are perfume ads. I love how sometimes they are nothing to do with the product yet still work so well.
I love how they can resemble so many different aspects; sex, love, fantasy, desire, status and many more and they make the customer feel if they buy the perfume they will end up just like the people in the ads. If this were true everyone would go and buy D&G light blue just to sit in David Gandy's arms!

My love for adverts started long before this ad. I remember when I was still at school and I had to do a project for Media class and shot my very own advertising campaign! Of course I chose a perfume brand. I wanted to get across the attitude that you aquired when using the perfume, I guess it  turned out well, I got an A! But these ads are way better!


  1. The perfume / cologne adds seem to always be very sexual. ;) I guess that makes sense. xoxo A-

  2. The D&G is just amazing! My favourite perfume ad of all time has to be the Chanel No. 5 short film with Nicole Kidman, I love it!


    Bianca x

  3. love the first from Vera Wang...

  4. I'm studying Advertising & PR in college right now! So I totally agree with you...good ads are just this one!
    Thank you for your always-sweet comments on my blog! :)