Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes...

I am sure everyone in the world has heard of The Devil Wears Prada, but I am absolutely obsessed with all of Lauren Weisberger's books! She is an amazing author and I just had to share all my views on her books, they are really, really good!

After studying for an English Degree and travelling the world, Lauren entered the fashion world as Assistant to the one and only Anna Wintor at Vogue. Here she got all the inside info she needed to inspire her to write The Devil Wears Prada. When the book was published in 2003 it spent more that a year on the New York Times Bestseller List, no wonder it was made into a Hollywood Blockbuster, that she even made a cameo in! With such success from her first book expect alot from her following 3!

Although I obviously love The Devil Wears Prada movie, (totally heart Anne Hathaway and Gisele!) I actually preferred the movie to the book. It does not happen very often but there were so many things altered between the book and the movie, but I think for the best. I personally like this book the least out of them all, but I think thats because the movie was so good!

Seriously loved Everyone Worth Knowing! Def my fav book of them all. I loved Bette's attitude and laughed so much throughout! I recommend!

I am actually reading Chasing Harry Winston right now, thats what led me to this post! I love Harry Winston therefore immediately fell in love with this book before I had even started! I am almost finished now and the more of the book I read, the more I like all of the 3 main characters. I am very curious to see how it will end!

I got into this book straight away and could really picture everything happening. It was really a heart touching book and I really felt for Brooke. Another must read!

Ok have to go get back to Chasing Harry Winston but don't forget to check them all out!


  1. Thanks or sharing!! i'm gonna read the three others ! i did not know that there was 4!


  2. I've never read the others so maybe it's time I did! Great post!!

  3. I liked The Devil Wears Prada, but I haven't read any of her other books.

  4. Ho visto il film ma non ho letto nessuno dei libri!
    so tender

  5. love this post!

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  6. Amazing Post!!!