Friday, 16 March 2012

Daisy Top

I always love other fashionistas outfits and when I ask them where something is from they always reply TopShop (if it's not Zara!). But TopShop is the kind of shop that I can never find something I like myself, or in my size, yet so many others can, so unfair! So I was extremely happy to find this lil treasure whilst searching through the evening wear section. I love the colour of this top, the length and the cute lil daisys! Adorable!
I decided to style this top with a casual, festival vibe!

These amazing dip dye denim shorts will go great with the daisy top and can be worn alone or with tights if its still a little cold! These shorts have a little green tint and I found them at TopShop.

Suede ankle boots are a great match with denim shorts, for summer or winter. I love these pull on boots I found at TopShop.

The shoulder model version of the fabulous Proenza Schouler PS1 in Neon Coral is perfect for daytime or festivals. I love it!

This connected skull necklace completes the look and I love the pastel colours! Perfect for this season. Found at TopShop.

Just thought these were the perfect way to finish off my post today. These OMG badges are soooo cute! I sooo need them! I now love TopShop!


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  2. the daisy top is too cute! i like also the other items u selected, very nice!:) kisses!:)

  3. haha I have the same problem with Topshop! I always see beautiful clothes and accessories on other bloggers, but it's very rare when I can find something that I would love in store.


  4. Love this top so much, its so pritty. Thanks for your comment, really like your blog, just followed :)

    Ruth xxxx

  5. These are all great pieces. I'd shop at Topshop more, but shipping to the U.S. is expensive, and I feel like their clothes are kinda high priced already! LOVING that neon coral bag, though. And coral is so trendy right now, too!

  6. That blouse is really nice
    Love the flower details :D
    wanna follow each other?

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Beautiful and the color is so lovely :X

  8. super cute daisy top! perfect for summer heat!

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  10. Beatifull blouse!
    I'll follow You too

  11. Beautiful! :)

  12. oh i just love that proenza schouler bag, wow, it is perfect! and thank you for your sweet comment :)

  13. thanks for yours visit, you have a nice blog, I fallow you of course :)Have a good weekend,

    Aga :)

  14. Lovely top and nice blog! I follow you ;)

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  16. That top is adorable. I absolutely love Topshop, and always have the opposite problem of finding too many things I love in there! xox

  17. CUTE top !!! and that Proenza bag is lovely :)

  18. that top is so cute, love it!


  19. love all the pieces (:

  20. I love that top! So delicate, feminine, and perfect for Spring :)
    Thanks for the sweet comment on Glitterati and Glamour; I'm following you now and would love to have you follow me back :)


  21. that's a nice top dear! great blog!

  22. the blue topshop top is so adorable. And I love the coral PS1 pouch. I want it for myself too. great blog!

    Cheers, Jacquie

  23. I'm like you too!! It's hard for me to find something from Topshop. I've always walked out from Topshop empty handed. Zara and Mango is more of my choice but I'm glad I've a good friend who can design beautiful outfits =)

  24. i know what you mean, so many bloggers have a lot of topshop and zara! i have a few things from there but i like finding things from other shops too :) cute top though! great find :)

    check out my blog?:)

  25. I love TopShop, like border-line obsessed. Every time I'm in NYC I always go there. And the PS1 bag can never be wrong. Its amazing!

    xo, Nicky

  26. surprisingly, i have the same issue whenever i walk into zara or topshop. i walk away with nothing. i thought that it was just me. although i did snap up two things on my last visit (for the very first time). i'm so envious that so many girls can find incredible pieces that suit their style so perfectly or can actually find their size.
    this top is really cute though. great find.
    ps. thanks so much for your comment regarding my outfit post attempt. i'm in love with my maurie & eve shorts. x.