Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Zara Shopping Spree!!!

I love nothing more than spending and entire day in Zara!! It's like my own personal version of Christmas! I really try like every single thing on! This pastel pink studded bag I found was definately my fav purchase! I loved the studded trend last season so this new pastel version is perfect for the spring. Used it as soon as I got home to fit with the pastel coloured blazer I wore today!

Here are the other things that I chose.
Yellow blazer with Zip detailing, adds a little something extra!

Pastel pink pleated skirt. I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer to wear this, I love it. Pink and pleats, what could be better!

Sea green slingback, I love this colour, goes perfectly with my new bag!!

Denim Shirt, I am really into denim this season, and I loved this look so much I got the floral shorts too! Perfect for summer!

Tan and White strapped wedges. This colour combination is perfect and goes with practically everything.

Pastel Pink Jeans, I have been looking for these for ages, so happy I finally found a pair!

Purple, Navy and Pink coloured sandals. Sooo pretty!

Sheer laced back blouse, the front looks pretty simple but the back is the USP!!

Colour block wedges. You may have seen these featured on my blog before HERE. I thought they were just soooo perfect I just had to get them too!

Fringed black one shoulder dress. I love the fringed detailing!

Metal cap yellow courts, I love these shoes!

Open back T-shirt. This is a perfect comfy day top!

Scarf print blazer. I am really loving the scarf print things this season and think this blazer is perfect as it adds a little something extra to any outfit!

Which item do you like the best???


  1. That bag is so gorgeous-looks such a lovely material+colour! Adore all the shoes too! Xx

  2. I basically want everything on this post! That blazer is amazing and so is that pleated skirt!


  3. That is such a great handbag. Zara have some fantastic pieces.

    Emma xo

  4. cute!!!


  5. I really love all the pieces hihi! I am a zara addict



  6. I like pink skirt and sandals :)

  7. the bag is a gorgeous colour! :) thanks for your lovely comment xxx

  8. OMG!WE SHARE THE SAME PASSION.I am a ZARA maniac!!! I shop only there:) I follow you now. Would you like to follow me back? You can see my ZARA looks:) Oh, and I love love love this bag!!!!

  9. so lucky...we don't have a zara here! you got some great stuff! ireallt like those purple flat sandals and the studded bag and yellow blazer!

    thanks for your comment!

  10. Wow, nice picks! I love the yellow shoes and the mint ones and just about everything else! I'm following you on GFC and fashiolista. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I hope you'll follow back!


  11. Hi Steph, what colour is the fringing on the black dress?
    I saw the same dress in store a few weeks ago and the fringing was a light greenish colour.
    It looks grey on the picture on the website, was wondering if its the same one I saw or if they made a new dress with grey fringing instead of green. xxx