Friday, 2 March 2012

Golden Belts

I am completely obsessed with the gold belt selection this season at Mango! Normally I am totally not a belt person, I only wear one if I really have to hold my trousers up, or to pull in an oversized sweater or dress. But this collection of belts is so amazing, I may have to start wearing them with everything!

By far, my favourite is this gold plaited belt, but I really like the gold chain belt with the black leather along each side. But the black leather belt with the gold chains around the edges is great too. And the gold mesh belt, which I love as it is adjustable and therefore can be worn in so many different ways! The beige leather belt with the golden shaped arrows is really something else as is the black leather belt with the raised gold buckles.

I really cannot choose! I love them all!



  1. I LOVE that last belt! I don't wear belts often either but I know that I should because they always pull my outfits in.

  2. These belts are amazing! The perfect accessory for so many outfits:) And the gold colour is stunning! Xx

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  4. Amazing choice of belts! They're definitely a statement piece, and they will make any simple outfit look absolutely gorgeous! :)


  5. Love this collection! Gold just goes with everything :) I particularly like the black and gold ones :)

    Love, Vanilla

  6. These black & gold belts are amazing!
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