Monday, 11 June 2012

CJG Shoes

So I am finally back guys! Had an amazing time, but I am yet to download my pics to my computer, so I will kick off my return with a post about the most amazing news I found out whilst in Greece

. I was happily laying out by the pool, reading my English magazines, kinda sad how I have to go all the way to Greece to get a hold of them, anyway, I saw the most amazing shoes ever. I just had to go online and order them straight away, they are so beautiful!

Reading my magazine on holiday, it stated that the shoes are from a new collection available at TopShop that are designed by Chole Green. Obviously I immediately made the link with Sir Philip Green, being the owner of TopShop, this must be his daughter. Once home I did a bit more research on the young designer and turns out it is Chole Green from Made In Chelsea! I cannot believe I didn't make the link before! Anyway after falling in love with my beauties, I had to check out the rest of the collection.

They really are an amazing design, I would expect nothing less from the shoe lover. I particularly love the sole colouring, her homage to Christian Louboutin's red soles, yet still in sync with the name of her shoe brand, CJG meaning Chloe Jade Green.

What do you guys think? Which ones are your favs?


  1. Welcome back dear, with these amazing shoes!

  2. First one are breathtaking!

  3. Great post!!!!


  4. Hi dear! tnks a lot for ur lovely comment
    I really love your post! And the last heels are amazing (:
    I follow u via gfc and bloglovin! Follow back?

    xx from

  5. Woww...awesome shoes! My favorites are the silver ones, those on the photo with the pink pants ;)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! You have a lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin'? I'll follow you back for sure :)


    "Saúde & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

  6. crazy heels!! love the last ones!!
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  7. Wow amazing shoes! Love the white cut-out ones

  8. those gold heels are really amazing <3


  9. amazing shoes!!!
    xx s

  10. thanks for your comment, it meant so much that you'd want to wear an outfit i styled! i absolutely LOVE all these shoes, especially the white ones! awesome post!!

  11. Those coral pumps are amazing!! Thanks for your sweet comment :)