Thursday, 28 June 2012


Tulips are beautiful flowers, but the shape of tulip dresses are to die for! I love the cut, its perfect for my body type and def my go do dress style! I could not resist a post on the matter. 
Ever since the colourful collection by Mary Karantzou at TopShop, stores have been going crazy with printed tulip dresses, and I love it! 

This beautiful watercolours tulip dress is from Zara.

One of the originals! Mary Karantzou for TopShop.

Atlantic-Pacific in a Pink tweed Zara tulip dress.

Embroided tulip dress from Zara.

La Petite Blonde in an underwater print tulip dress from Zara.

Floral tulip print dress from River Island.

Atlantic-Pacific in a colourful floral tulip dress f'rom Zara.

An amazing creation from Mary Karantzou herself!


  1. I also love this cut, but I'm very slim in waist and I have big breast, so it's dificult to fit dresses on me :) But when I find one it's perfect for me. Love this Zara dresses and this one in first photo!

  2. i love this dress , so colorful , perfect .

  3. Wow that dress is a piece of art!

  4. I can't choose one! they are all amazing

  5. love your blog... follow each other??? let me know ok!

  6. ahh super cute, I love the dress! I actually met Mary Katrantzou last month, and she was such a delight!!! i did a post about it on my blog too :)

    but i love your blog, glad i stumbled across it!!!

    id love it if you could check out my bog at

    Kristine =)

  7. hi! i love this dress and your blog, i'm now a follower :)

    can you check out my blog?

  8. Love colourful dresses!

    - Maudleen